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History of WMGNA

Sound Financial Strategies,LLC (SFS)

Brian Beck and Dan Friedman met at a pick-up basketball game at the West Hartford JCC in 1994, and less than one year later, on August 15, 1995, Sound Financial Strategies, LLC (SFS) was born. SFS was established as a “one-stop” tax and financial management group that assisted individuals and small businesses in coordinating all of their financial matters, saving them money on taxes and unnecessary expenses, de-junk and de-stressing their lives, and assisting in making smart choices with their money.

WMGNA Starts

In May of 2000, SFS changed its name to Wealth Management Group of North America, LLC (WMGNA) to better reflect its nationally growing client base… in 18 states. WMGNA continued its distinctive fee-based program that allowed individuals and small businesses to get unbiased strategic wealth planning from an independent, cohesive team of professionals including CPA’s, lawyers, bankers, insurance professionals and money managers.

In 2007, WMGNA began focusing its brand around retirement planning, as the first of the Baby Boomers were going to turn 65 in 2011. To support their brand evolution, the Company changed the name of its financial report to The Restylement™ Plan. As opposed to the traditional definition of retirement,Restylement™ is a period in one’s life when they transition from accumulating wealth, to fulfilling their personal passions and actively enjoying the life they have worked so hard to achieve. Age is no longer a factor - instead the lifestyle one wants to lead and amount of money they have will determine when Restylement™ can start.