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Planning for Life, Wealth, Retirement.

The traditional view of financial planning is obsolete: our lives are constantly changing. We believe when managed well, change can be a good thing.

We call our unique philosophy Restylement. It’s a dynamic approach that evolves as you do. Age is no longer a determining factor in financial planning – instead, it’s about the lifestyle our members want to lead, and the amount of money they have that determines Restylement goals.

Restylement Benefits

We develop a financial strategy based on your individual and sustainable needs over time, giving you the power to set goals, implement plans and enjoy your life. It’s a dynamic approach that evolves as you do.

Three Factors That Can Affect Your Restylement

  • Volatility – As we all know too well, markets go up and markets go down, and the volatility the last 10+ years has made many to rethink their risk exposure. The problem is that once you are in Restylement, market volatility may have a far greater impact on your situation and could jeopardize your goals.

  • Inflation – Has averaged 3.5% for the past 30 years, however health care costs have risen nearly four-fold since 1980. According to the Society of Actuaries, health care represents 5% of one's expenditures before age 65, 10% from ages 65 to 74 and 15% from 75 and older. Note – These numbers don't include any long-term care needs.

    These statistics are according to recent study by Russ Alan Prince, the author of the book, The Middle-Class Millionaire.

  • Taxes – With our national budget deficit increasing by the day, eventually someone will have to pay for all this spending… And that someone is most likely the American taxpayer. If income and estate taxes rise, they may have an impact your Restylement.

Disclosure – Triad Advisors does not endorse Russ Allen Prince or the Middle Class Millionaire. Triad Advisors is not to be held responsible for and may not be held liable for the accuracy of information available. Russ Allen Prince is not a representative of Triad Advisors.