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I'm Making Moves

| December 14, 2017
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Hello Hello!! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! As we head toward another new year, it seems as if 2017 passed in the blink of an eye!  With that, there are impending… tax law changes, interest rate hikes and the inevitable “market correction” in addition to  a continued host of excitable headlines, blogs, articles, webinars, seminars, forecasts, predictions , Bitcoin mania…and on and on…all designed to stir something up to get folks to pay attention do something…RIGHT NOW!  

At WMGNA we  are always looking to “maximize the opportunities that exist” and to do so we must be able to evaluate all the moving parts in our lives, which really is quite simple…but not easy! The reason it’s not easy…is…TIME! 24 hours in day 7 days a week 168 ours/week that’s all we got! Are you able to (in the blink of an eye…ok 3 blinks) have a grasp (firm grasp) of your finances? The reality is all of our financial decisions…most all decisions as a matter of fact… are interconnected. When we get emotional those connections get frayed (think policy, not politics) Life is physics…action-reaction and past performance is no guarantee of future results. We hold these truths to be self-evident, yet we see all sorts of emotional hyperventilating when it comes to $$$ if/when there is a tax law change or when there is any other change, will you be able to maximize the opportunity? Will you be able to make a quick 360° analysis? Are you counting on an independent advisor to act in your best interest, one who is open minded and has an everything is subject to change agnostic mind set? Or is it someone who doesn’t know or doesn’t care…other than what they often quite emotionally are promoting or suggesting you do?. So as 2017 comes to an end we wish everyone peace on earth and all-inclusive wealth management! As always, your concerns are our concerns! Any questions? Contact us!

 Keep the Faith! Talk soon-

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