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Insurance & Burritos

Insurance & Burritos

| February 14, 2017
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This week I received the following tweet from a well-known Mexican restaurant:

  To win burritos
  Pen a majestic haiku
  A verse of the love

Inspired, I wrote this for my wife:

  Love is in the air.
  In lieu of long-stemmed roses,
  Here’s some insurance.

That’s right, this Valentine’s Day I plan on giving my wife the gift of life insurance. As you might imagine, I did not draft a winning haiku and I’m guessing that my gift will not be well-received. But what was lost in burritos (and romance), my wife and I will gain in lasting protection for ourselves & our family.

The State of Our Union

My wife and I are:

  •  A working couple
  • Parents of two young children
  • New home owners
  • Carrying some debt
  • Saving for education
  • Paying for child care
  • Busy, sleep-deprived

Simply put, we have plenty of personal and financial responsibilities.

The proper life insurance coverage helps to ensure:

  • Income and living expenses are covered
  • Adequate care for our children
  • Saving for retirement and/or education for our children continues unabated
  • Existing debts can be reduced or eliminated  loans, credit cards or mortgage
  • Peace of mind, allows for more focus on the day-to- day details and planning for our long-term goals

Conclusion: We need life insurance coverage. (30 Year Term, to be precise)

Life Insurance, Reimagined

This Valentine’s Day, I would like to reframe the concept of life insurance. It is more than a vehicle for financial protection. Life insurance represents an expression of love. Having the proper coverage in place ensures that in the event of something unimaginable, the lifestyle that one leads will continue forward and the future of one’s heirs will be carried out as hoped.

A ‘Precious Privilege’
“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

With that sentiment in mind, consider the gift of life insurance this Valentine’s Day to preserve this ‘precious privilege’ for yourself and your loved ones. And, maybe, throw in a bar of chocolate.

Adam Scherer is a Wealth Advisor at WMGNA, LLC, specializing in Young Families, Small Businesses, Education and the Arts
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