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The Financial Mixtapes Vol. 2 - Homebuyer Edition

The Financial Mixtapes Vol. 2 - Homebuyer Edition

| June 19, 2017
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The ‘Financial Mixtapes’ are topical collections of articles, crafted with thought & care, like an old mixtape cassette. Click on the song titles below to access each article.

The Home Buyers (All Radiohead) Mix

Knowing the specific, ‘all-in’ costs as a home buyer will help you make the most

informed decision. Check out this track to the compute taxes, fees, utilities, insurance

and closing costs of your future home.

New, smaller homes could help first-time home buyers find the right place for the right


Here are tips to help you secure the best mortgage lending rate!

Prospective home buyers identified this item as the biggest stressor associated with the

home buying process...

Planning the move into your new house can be...puzzling. This link leads to a

comprehensive guide to packing & moving options that will help you put all the pieces


Adam Scherer is a Wealth Advisor at WMGNA, LLC, specializing in New & Growing Families, Small Businesses, Education and the Arts Interested in learning more about WMGNA? Click here

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