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What’s your Price for Flight!

| January 15, 2019
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Hello Hello!! Happy New Year!! As we motor into 2019, which happens to be the 24th year of WMGNA’s existence, got me thinking about what we focus on business and personally, and often my Birthday wishes …Health and Wealth…in that order! Money is a means to an end…not an end tho!! Many of our gentle readers are familiar with our True Success™ formula: Great Lifestyle + Money x The Time to Enjoy it = True Success. Time is the great equalizer…we all.. richest to not so richest…have the same amount of time 24 hours in a day…168 in a week. So, with WMGNA celebrating its 24th year of continuous operation and servant leadership, as a small business...39 and less employees, I thought I would chat about the intersection of a Healthy and Wealthy life using the main ingredients to any successful business.

All businesses are made up of the 3 components: Operations, Sale-Marketing, and Finance. And if you think about it..these apply as well personally. So, for a business, any business success comes down to having those 3 things. Operations: How effective is the equipment, physical (location) and/or cyber premises, parking, team, hardware/software applications…the list and the beat goes on!! Now personally, how effective is your mind and body operating?? Brain, heart, gut, vital organs, not vital organs, spirit, attitude… and this list goes on and on..and ON! Now that we know how important operations are, who at the business is in charge of working on, implementing, and monitoring? And what metrics are in place to evaluate effectiveness? Personally, the same goes…tho it’s just you…to start..sort of a one man/woman shop! And the hardest part of getting started is…GETTING STARTED…what are you doing to make sure you are operating (I always loved the game Operation..tho being lefthanded made it a challenge!...) in proper working order…and how are you measuring…scale, EKG..CrossFit?

Change is hard and we can talk ourselves in or out of anything…this holds true for couples, especially long-term couples! At WMGNA we are in a constant state of breakdown to breakthrough..looking for change opportunities…and embracing everything is subject to change based upon…new information. As well as utilizing disinterested 3rd parties to point out and remove systematic barbered wire. Likewise, your personal operations require an equally robust barbed wire detector/destroyer!

Sales and Marketing - What are you doing to get folks in the door..with a win-win…what’s in it for them proposition..resulting in “sign here” and how easy are you making it for folks to do so? Cuz guess what?? All businesses need $$ coming in the door as well as keeping and making existing customers loyal…raving fans..who naturally want to tell others about you! Is your business “wowing” everyone it touches…every time? Of course it’s impossible to be perfect..tho perfect practice makes perfect…something like that..yet that’s what needs to be the standard. Example: According to the FAA there are 43,000 airline fights on average per day. If 99% of those flights land safely…well you can do the math..430 unsafe landings…no bueno..out of business. Of course, this is an extreme prove the point case of having such a mindset and as important what procedures, or as our esteemed President and CFO (2010 Harford Business Journal CFO of the Year!) Brian P Beck, CWPA refers to “pilots’ checklist”, are in place? How are you personally getting folks to “do business” with you? Our personal-capital is our most valuable asset. Are you giving to receive? “You first, then me” in a genuine sense…Do you have a welcoming, own voice social media presence especially on LinkedIn? Are you wowing a good way? Do you have a positive and certain attitude? Understand the difference between assertiveness=attractive and aggressiveness=ugly. Are you able to say these four words to people…”I need your help?”...particularly those near and dear…as well having them said to you?

Finance -  What’s coming in…what’s going out. What’s on hand…what’s owed. Is your business thinking like you are operating an 18-wheeler on 95 (avoid 95!) going 70MPH, fully aware that it will take about 2 miles to come to a complete stop?...safely! Need to make a sharp right turn from the middle lane in 2 hundred feet…#DangerYoungWillRobinson!... in a position to maximize the opportunities that exist?...having financial forecasting resources…adequate lines of and appropriate use of credit? Understanding that money that you need now - 24 months, the primary objective is return of $$ as opposed to return on $$. Personally are you living beneath your means..saving at least 10% of your household gross income, with no credit card debt—living by the mantra that ever dollar has a name…even tho every rose has its thorn…having adequate 6 months or so of expenses in savings and/or open line of credit in order to give breathing room to make other financial changes. Understanding the Ying/Yang of the two things you can do with money…spend it now…or spend it later (and if its real late…someone else might spend it). Avoid the religious approach to money….pray that things work out—embraceà the lord helps those that help themselves!!

Ok ok it’s not that I can’t stop, it’s that I won’t stop…actually its Friedman out time! Time to go! We hope you enjoyed this WMGNA Connect as much as we did putting it together!! Any questions…comments… as always if we can ever be of assistance to you in any fashion, please simply let us know! Talk soon. Keep the Faith!!

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