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A financial plan from WMGNA comes with more than just investment advice.  We help our clients with Life, Wealth, Retirement, and more.

The traditional view of financial planning is obsolete. Life isn't static. It's a constantly changing, adapting, and evolving journey. At WMGNA, we believe change, when managed well, can be a good thing.

We call our unique approach to financial stewardship Restylement. It’s a dynamic approach to money management that evolves as the client's life does. Under Restylement, age is not the central factor. Instead, the focus is on the lifestyle the client wants to lead, and the financial resources necessary to achieve it.

WMGNA will sit down with you and develop an individualized financial roadmap based on your personal and sustainable needs over time. We will give you the power to set goals, implement plans, and enjoy your life. It’s a dynamic approach that evolves as you do.

Restylement takes into consideration all factors that could influence your ability to achieve your financial aspirations. In particular, the following three issues receive concentrated focus in our Restylement plans.

  • Volatility. Equity markets especially have a history of significant price swings. Investors in the past ten years have had to reevaluate their risk tolerance due to the financial turmoil that preceded the current bull market. Your financial advisor at WMGNA will help you to plan for and survive the fluctuations in tomorrow's securities markets.
  • Inflation. Prices on a broad basket of consumer goods have increased on average 3.5% per year for the past three decades. Health care costs have risen nearly four-fold since 1980. According to the Society of Actuaries, health care will account for approximately 5% of expenditures before age 65, 10% between 65 and 74, and 15% from there on. And these numbers don't include any long-term care expenses.[1]
  • Taxes. If estate or income taxes rise, your Restylement could be impacted. For this reason, WMGNA will develop a strategy that adapts as the economic environment changes. Our method of financial planning is constantly forward-looking. Whatever the vicissitudes of the future, we will help you navigate through them.

Our philosophy of financial planning has worked for many people just like yourself. If you would like to find out specifically how we can help you, email or Call US today to get started.

[1] The figures are according to a recent study by Russ Alan Prince, author of The Middle-Class Millionaire.

Disclosure – Triad Advisors, LLC does not endorse Russ Allen Prince or The Middle-Class Millionaire. Triad Advisors, LLC is not to be held responsible for and may not be held liable for the accuracy of information available. Russ Allen Prince is not a representative of Triad Advisors, LLC.