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Those Within 3 Years of Collecting Social Security

If you're close to retirement and thinking about signing up for your long-awaited Social Security benefits, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of information you've seen thus far. You’ve probably heard the countless talking heads on TV who claim to have a one-size-fits-all solution to your financial needs.

At WMGNA, we have learned over many years of experience that there's really no such thing. There is no magic formula that will succeed for every person in every situation. Financial advice in a box at $19.99 simply doesn't work.

With our Restylement™, we go beyond traditional wealth management using a 360-degree approach to financial planning, we will sit down with you personally and develop a tailor-made strategy for a successful retirement. We'll go over your entire financial situation, covering topics such as Medicare choices, 401(k) assets, and pension plans. We’ll help you navigate from the Saving It phase of your career to the Spending It stage, and then finally to Transferring It. It’s all part of the WMGNA experience.

Our All-Inclusive Wealth Management Service provides much more than what you will receive at other firms. We deliver assistance on charitable giving, financial paperwork, multi-generational planning, and more. You get all this plus transparency, integrity, and no hidden fees. And with our newly-designed mobile app, you can monitor your account and keep track of all your important documents around the clock.

Instead of a complicated pricing structure that you’ll find at other firms, at WMGNA you simply pick a monthly membership plan that fits your needs. Plans start as low as $175.

To achieve success in life it requires perseverance and the right people on your team. You can’t do it alone. When you contact us, we’ll tell you about how we’ve made it work for people just like you.

We believe money is a means to an end, but it’s not an end. Time is the great equalizer, and we all only have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and everyone wants to have “enough” time to enjoy their money. 

That is why we created our True Success™ formula:

           True Success is Having a Great Lifestyle + Money × The Time to Enjoy It!

So, e-mail or Call Us today, to see how WMGNA can make the True Success formula work for you!